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Axiom Stone is a successful, full service legal practice with offices in Mayfair, North London and Birmingham. They represent both nationally and internationally and provide commercially driven legal solutions and transactional capabilities across a broad range of industry sectors.

The Mayfair Musings is an online publication celebrating Mayfair, born in Berkeley Square in 2017. Founder, Victoria Forbes-Watson, developed a keen interest in W1 after a private Royal Warrant tour in Mayfair and St. James that took her behind the scenes of infamous local tailors, hotels perfumeries and more. The Mayfair Musings host private networking events for locals, keeping discretion at the forefront of all planning. Events take place after hours in hidden wine cellars, beautiful boutiques, art galleries and private dining rooms. The aim is to connect like-minded entrepreneurs whilst celebrating all the makes Mayfair truly special.

Whilst Berkeley Square Associates look after your fiscal welfare, London Biokinetics look after your physical welfare, with the focus on injury rehabilitation, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation, clinical exercise and golf specific conditioning.

The only business networking group bringing Jewish & Asian business leaders together

Spring Ad consultancy work with small to medium size businesses and charities to generate the advertising revenue they need. we understand the individual needs of our clients and are able to maximise the advertising revenue through introducing new advertisers and sponsors to their products.
They also offer project and event management, planning, organising, and executing all types and sizes of events and exhibitions, such as networking events, food festivals, charity events and conventions.

 In an age where networking has become increasingly digital, Kensington Mums is successfully illustrating that the online landscape can be a fantastic resource for creating relationships which cross over into ‘real’ life. We also work with local experts with lots of knowledge to provide solid local information, and builds partnerships between local business and its growing community. We have you covered, from exclusive shopping experiences to sharing self-care routines, holiday safety advice for children and family day out guides.

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